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"When it rains it pours!"

Posted on 31 July, 2015 at 0:45

It can happen....  Do you have an Umbrella?

You know the saying "When it rains it pours!"   It can be taken in many different scenarios.   Do you have enough Insurance coverage for when it does "pour"?  What about you assets?  Your House, Your Car, Your Personal belongings, Your Physical well being, Your Family, Your business, Others? 

Do you have an Umbrella Policy to Protect You, Your Family, Your business when it does "pour"?  Umbrella Insurance is protection that goes above and beyond what your initial insurance coverage does.

No matter who you are or what level you are at in life an Umbrella Policy is highly reccommended and does not have much of an additional cost. Eix Insurance can usually improve your coverage at a lower cost.

Please call us for a review of your current coverage.

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